Eskom Rotek Industries: Serving the electricity industry for more than 100 years…

Today, this maintenance service continues in the same space where it germinated from so many years ago. These business units form the operational backbone of Eskom Rotek Industries and house years of technical expertise and experience.

Turbine and generator refurbishment
Eskom Rotek Industries business unit Turbo Gen Services has the ability to service and refurbish all rotating equipment and related components and can deliver complete turn-key engineering solutions. The Turbo Gen Services workshops in Johannesburg span 58,000 m2 under craneage and can handle up to 325 tons, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. The services offered include all maintenance, refurbishment, modification and repair of power generating and auxiliary equipment on site or at our workshops and include:

•    Generator Services, which focuses on the rewind and overhaul of rotating equipment.
•    Mechanical Services offers heavy, medium and light machining capabilities and specialised welding.
•    Balancing Services refers to the balancing of rotating machinery from 5kg to 300 tons and 100 to 3,600rpm.
•    Bearing Services can refurbish and manufacture white metal bearings and components.
•    Valve Services refurbishes low and high pressure steam and water valves mostly on site.
•    Non-destructive Testing Services determines the quality and condition of components without changing the functionality of the material.

Transformer services
Similarly, Eskom Rotek Industries business unit Transformer and Switchgear Services has the ability to conduct major transformer overhauls, rewinds, manufacture and refurbishment of tank and parts. It can accommodate single phase units of 666 MVA and 765 kV and three phase double winded transformers of up 910 MVA and 420 kV. In addition, it offers boiler making capabilities, limited steel work manufacturing and repairs. The workshops boast all the facilities necessary for un-tanking, dismantling, testing, modification, assembly and painting. Other facilities you will find here include:

•    Winding facility which can manufacture regulating, disc, interleaved disc and screw windings up to 1000 MVA
•    Vapour phase facility that cuts drying by more than half of the time required by conventional heat and vacuum drying processes. 
•    Test bay facility with a 3200kV lightning impulse generator for impulse testing.
•    Oil depot where sampling, storage, treatment and purification of transformer oil takes place.
•    Bushings, tap-changers and current transformer facility where most makes and models of transformer components are serviced and repaired to OEM specifications.

Transforming for change
The mark of any world class organization is an ability to change within the needs of a changing environment. Broadening its service offering, the now Eskom Rotek Industries entered the construction, bulk material handling and logistics arenas in the 1990’s. These services are still in existence today and compliment the maintenance services already provided with three alone standing business units.

Bulk Material Services specialises in bulk material handling for coal, ash, limestone and gypsum, water services, project management and related engineering solutions. In addition, it also offers plant maintenance, water treatment solutions, coal transportation logistics and the selling of coal combustible products such as ash, gypsum and salts.

Construction Services specialises mixed civil construction projects focusing on earthworks, concrete works and drainage, fencing, water management solutions, as well as road construction and pothole repairs. Electrical construction refers to a turnkey solution from initiation phase to final handover of electrical construction services such as energy efficient installations, power line and substation construction, cabling and switchgear and electrification services.

Logistics Services offers road transport, material handling and consolidation, warehousing, full scope waste management and road logistics services. These encompass the transportation of plant and auxiliary components to remote sites, the removal of both general and hazardous waste, as well as the haulage of all heavy and abnormal sized equipment. With the largest multi-axle fleet in the Southern hemisphere, Logistics Services has the capacity to transport anything between 0 – 500 tons.

Building a lasting legacy
In answer to the challenge set by government to continually strive to uplift the economy of South Africa, Eskom Rotek Industries has achieved remarkable success stories in the communities we have operated in.

By 2017 Eskom Rotek Industries Construction Services electrified five rural communities in the Eastern Cape province for a total household connection of 1,800 households. The rural electrification included the construction of the electrification backbone infrastructure that included medium voltage lines (11-22kV), low voltage lines (230/400V), transformer installations and house connections. . Socio-economic development increased in these community areas which increased the realization of the ideal of long term sustainability.

Other legacy projects include the transportation of the enormous 828 meter high steal structure for the Burj Kalifa in Dubai (with Eskom produced fly ash mixed in the 45,000 m3 concrete foundation of this building); managing reliable water transfer from the Komati water scheme for decades; repairing 122,000 m2 potholes in one year and currently managing one of the largest road coal supply chains in South Africa.

The South African power utility identified Eskom Rotek Industries as its preferred turbine generator maintenance service provider with the result that we have been involved in outage maintenance and refurbishment on all South Africa power stations.

Looking towards the future
With the ever changing challenges presented by our macro and micro operating environs, Eskom Rotek industries will continue to investigate innovative methods and refine them into effective solutions to meet our client’s needs. While Eskom remains a major focus area for Eskom Rotek Industries, we can now expand the Eskom Rotek Industries footprint to include a diverse customer portfolio with tailor-made solutions to suit individual customer demands.

The product knowledge gained over more than a lifetime is of particular value and, like goodwill, needs to be shared in order for it to grow. We invite stakeholders in the energy, manufacturing, mining and oil and gas industries to contact us for future collaboration.  By building on the strengths that stood the test of time, Eskom Rotek industries can assist clients to develop new integrated solutions to business needs.

We look forward to strengthen relationships with new stakeholders in South Africa and the rest of the African continent. Visit us on or contact us on and let us partner with you.

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