Telecoms will be at the heart of the modern utility and power sector. Come hear from the world’s top experts how you can futureproof your business.

The energy and utility sectors around the world cannot ignore the demands for improvement in efficiency and cost effectiveness together with the newer challenges that will be placed on their businesses over the coming decade with the introduction of smartgrids. The key enabler to smart energy is the provision of the most effective telecommunications and information communications technologies. There is no single solution, what is best for any particular company is dependent on a number of conditions that may include Availability of Wireless Spectrum, Regulatory environment and  Commercial telecommunication status and competition in the market.

Africa utilities have an opportunity to come together as part of the wider UTC community to share in a global forum of utility telecommunication experts whilst addressing local issues.

Benefits of attending:

  • Obtain exposure to the latest trends in Africa and global utilities in terms of how to address and choose the best technology for future network deployments
  • Find out how to keep the Cyber attackers away from of your utility
  • Listen to various views around IT/OT convergence and potential pro and cons on one of the hottest Utilty ICT topics
  • Get some views on the available Smartmetering communications technologies and networks to ensure the most efficient solutions are deployed in your utility
  • Be exposed to the latest hardware and technologies that can be viewed from the various ICT exhibitors

Who should attend the AUTC conference?

Utilities Vendors
Telecoms Engineers Technical Directors Utility ICT Sales Executives 
Telecoms Senior Engineers Chief Technical Officers (CTO) ICT Sales Manager
Telecoms Principle Engineers Principle Engineers Utility ICT Regional Managers
Telecoms Technical managers Senior Engineers
Telecoms Technologists Transmission and Distribution Engineers

Highlighted speakers:

  • Bob Lockhart, VP Cyber Security, UTC, USA
  • Cathy Nelson, Chairperson, UTC, USA
  • Bobbi Harris, VP Marketing, UTC, USA

Download the AUTC Fact Sheet here

Africa utilities can learn from each other and can share innovative ideas and solutions within AUTC. Together the UTC international regions can influence vendor communities to create and deliver suitable products and services that meet the exact requirements of the energy infrastructure. Utilities around the world will face the same challenges, the timescales for implementation may be different but all are aiming to deliver reliable energy at an economical cost and under the best environmental conditions for each particular region.

AUTC is a trade association that is an independent regional operating unit of UTC in the USA, for more than 60 years UTC has brought vendors and utilities together to collaborate on issue of mutual interest, these include Cyber Security, Spectrum allocations for Utilities, Packet Networks in a Utility, IT/OT Convergence, Network performance measures etc

The Utility ICT sector in Africa is expected to spent Multi Billions of rands on the upgrading and creation of Utility Telecoms Networks and related ICT to keep up with the Internet Of Things, Smartgrids and other energy efficient improvement initiatives.

For more information on how to get involved, please contact:

Corrie Vermeulen 
African Utilities Technology Council

Phone: +27 11 052 2828
Mobile: +27 72 620 2050