Conference Overview

Metering | Generation | Transmission & Distribution | Energy Revolution Africa | Finance | Water

Metering and Revenue Cycle Management

It is difficult for utilities to maintain existing assets, let alone facilitate the expansion needed to reach universal access goals without liquidity.  This track offers advice and innovative technologies for utilities wanting to reduce the gap between revenue and costs.

Only 19 African countries cover operating expenditures.  Collection losses represent a large cost so metering is a smart area to reduce utility deficits.  Although politically sensitive, how can regulators and utilities address under-pricing?

Topics include:

  1. Strategies to reduce meter tampering and theft
  2. The latest technologies to increase revenue collection
  3. How independent is the African electricity regulator?


Are you employing optimal strategies to generation planning and improving the power mix?

Strategic guidance for ministry and utility generation planning to improve the power mix.  From predicting a country’s long term future power demand to reacting to emergency generation, the track supports decision making and forecasting.

Topics include:

  1. A guide to generation planning and forecasting
  2. Stimulating private sector investment: Best practice for PPAs and PPPs
  3. Unlocking renewables for utility scale generation and ensuring grid connection 

Transmission and Distribution

Hear how utilities are addressing and reducing their technical losses and learn of the latest affordable technologies assisting maintenance and expansion.

This track reviews how utilities can reduce costs by removing transmission and distribution inefficiencies (including the political implications of tackling over-staffing) and advice for implementing power trading. 

Topics include:

  1. A practical guide to integrating renewables in the distribution network
  2. Power trading at regional level: Regulatory and tariff considerations
  3. Latest smart technologies and advice for reducing inefficiencies

Energy Revolution Africa

Will future energy trends be wholly determined by technology? How will the rise of new energy consumers, both as municipal entities and large power users, impact the business of utilities?

Innovative developments in new technology-enabled services get to speak to some of the new market participants, and understand the drivers and motivations behind this new trend.

Topics include:

  1. What does the African utility and municipality of the future look like?
  2. Distributed generation using renewable energy
  3. Mini-grid technology and their implementation
  4. Innovative developments in new technology-enabled services

Finance and Investment

What are the trends? Who are the main players? Would you like access to the latest information about sources of finance, competitive tenders and risk mitigation tools to support your projects?

Market trends are seeing funding diversify away from hydro into thermal power and solar and wind, and a shift away from government to government deals, with China partnering other finance providers in SPVs and IPPs. How competitive is Chinese funding? Find out more about this fastest growing source, as well as Public Private Partnerships (PPPs), concession agreements & international financing.

Topics include:

  1. How can utilities maintain existing assets, and facilitate the expansion needed to reach universal access goals?
  2. Credit and sovereign risk – alternatives to current risk mitigation tools
  3. Innovation in renewable energy models


How are private sector, water utilities and municipalities working together to support financial viability and upgrades to current water infrastructure?

Water scarcity and losses contribute to the challenges faced by African water utilities.  This programme will bring together the public and private sector to analyse the current threats to water security and support utilities and municipalities become more efficient in their practices.   

Topics include: 

  1. Analysing the business of water in Africa
  2. Securing resilient water infrastructure
  3. Addressing the systemic risk of the energy-water-food nexus


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