Gas to Power World Congress

In 2017, we will welcome over 50 speakers to Cape Town to participate in over 20 sessions and provide a genuine first: a conference targeting gas-fired generation with networks in downstream power, upstream gas and global capital markets.  No other event in Africa will expand on the core issues facing gas to power with a core audience of institutional investors and fund managers, alongside developers, energy companies, banks and engineering firms.

Who should attend Gas to Power World Congress?

  • CEO/ Chairman 
  • Head Gas-to-Power/ Gas/Power
  • VP/SVP Marketing & Origination 
  • Head/ Partner of Energy Finance/ Project Finance
  • SVP/ Head Business Development 

Highlighted speakers:

  • Tina Joemat Petterson, Minister of Energy, South Africa
  • Karen Breytenbach, IPP Office, DoE, SA
  • Sabine Dall’Omo, CEO, Siemens Africa
  • Tracy Lothian, Vice President LNG Market Development, ExxonMobil

Benefits of attending:

  • Meet senior executives from across the global gas ecosystem who are powering global development
  • Benefit from an update on the Request for Proposals for South Africa’s Gas to Power Project (RFQ and RFP Timelines)
  • Find out how to  mobilise private and public capital - Unlocking improved value for capital expenditure and filling the funding gap
  • Gain an update on GTP progress & delivery on the African continent and beyond: Global case studies on overcoming the challenges surrounding gas infrastructure, technology innovation and project financing 

Download the Gas-to-Power World Congress Fact Sheet here

For more information, please contact:

Iain Pitt
Chief Executive Officer
Oil & Gas Council

Phone: +27 100 3888
Mobile: +27 701 858 1025