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The African Utility Week  app has a proactive, pre show matchmaking platform enabling all pre-registered  attendees to view profiles of participants and select who they want to meet at the event.

Please note - to have access to the app (including attendees and sessions), you need to have already registered for the event with your OWN unique email address (this will be your login). If you have not yet registered, please click here to do so:

An app and a website

This is the link to the app website:
This website is a duplicate of what you will see on the official app. It is accessible from your desktop and mobile phone so is perfect for using while in the office.

We recommend downloading the app for use during the event as it is more mobile friendly and easy to access.

Download the app here:
•    Android Google Play Store
•    Apple App store

What to do next:

  1. Once you have registered, you should receive an email invite from the app/website to start your matchmaking. The systems take around 48h to sync. If you have not received an email within 48 hours, please contact us for help with setup.
  2. Click on the link in the email from “African Utility Week App”
  3. Login using the email address you registered with – please contact us if there are any problems with your login.  (Exhibitors – watch this video for best practice and tips)
  4. Update your profile with your preferences and industries you want to meet with
  5. Add conference and workshops to your schedule to block out these times
  6. Look for people you want to meet and start scheduling meetings with them – you can search by individual, company or industry

A team to help

You should have received an email invite now inviting you to open the app/website to start your matchmaking. If you have not received this email please contact us so that we can manually help you with the setup.

African Utility Week Matchmaking Managers

•    Tatym Gradwell: | +27 21 001 8746
•    Ulfah Davids: | +27 21 001 8747
•    Jaclin Kai: