NIASA Technical Workshop

Technical Workshop session: Open public discussion session

Venue: Innovation Hub, Exhibition Floor: CTICC

Date: Thursday, 18 May 2017

Time: 13H00 – 14H00

Theme: ‘ a viable Energy Mix in support of Industrialization and inclusive economic growth"

Content Synopsis: 

The South African government has to make difficult and well-informed decisions when crafting the energy future and landscape of the country, while projecting electricity demand for the next 20 years. It is a balancing act to re-industrialize our economy by producing more reliable base load power in order to attract investments in mining, agriculture, agro-processing and general manufacturing. This is what will create employment, stimulate small business development and alleviate poverty.  Therefore what is the ideal Energy mix to meet economic growth? 

There is no easy way out; no matter what the option SA takes there will be compromises. Cutting through the politics and the controversy. It is important that the energy mix works in favour of SA, in terms of providing power to all its communities. The debate on where we will get our power is not theoretical, but very real in the lives of all South Africans – ‘Will I be able to turn the lights on and make a cup of coffee at 5am’


Sipho Kings: Mail & Guardian's environment reporter

Media Engagement:

  • Live online streaming of Debate
  • Social Media engagement
  • Journalists from various media houses 
  • Mail and Guardian supplement 

Audience:  40 - 50 delegates

  • Delegates
  • Tertiary students 
  • General public 
  • Interest groups
  • Policy makers