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Exhibitions and events play a vital role in your marketing mix: They are dynamic, cost-effective and unique, enabling visitors to engage with you and feel, see, touch and try your products - things that traditional advertising doesn’t allow.

Exhibitions are amongst the most powerful marketing tools available to companies today. There are two basic reasons for participating in either a trade or a consumer exhibition:

  1. To inform the marketplace of your product or service
  2. To increase sales and find new buyers for your products or services

“Africa Utility Week was a great success for Lucy Electric SA. It is the first time we have taken an enquiry and received an order at any conference and to make things better it was from an African neighbouring country!”
Rick St.John, Regional Director, Lucy Switchgear

The best exhibition spaces are selling fast! Contact us today with questions and requests for space.

Should you have any urgent enquiries, please don't hesitate to contact Loudon Cito on +27 21 700 3564 or loudon.cito@spintelligent.com.


Discounted accommodation rates

Spintelligent have partnered with iccommodate to provide a full and efficient Accommodation and Tourism Service to African Utility Week delegates.

For 2017 bookings have been made easy with a live online booking system directly from the conference website which will be active from January 2017. Discounted rates have been contracted and negotiated by iccommodate specifically for the event and are available exclusively through the booking system.

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