What's different?

There will also be a focus on innovation and include the following features:

  • A 3-day Energy Revolution Africa strategic programme as part of the sessions
  • 3 days of focused CPD accredited technology workshops and case studies, freely available on the exhibition floor
  • Real-life project experience, highlighting & discussing innovative technologies and solutions
  • 60 service and solution providers will be exhibiting at a dedicated area

5 things that Energy Revolution Africa stands for!

Renewables must go ahead

For long-term economic competitiveness, Africa has to speed up a highly sustainable energy system based on renewables supported by smart regulations and complimentary generation and storage.

Big players must unite with small players
The energy revolution is about connecting new and existing markets. We need to unlock both large macro flex sources in the wholesale arena and local flexibility generated on a consumer level. The revolution is therefore not just about the shift from a passive consumer to an empowered consumer. It is about the inclusion of consumers in a market that needs both large central and smaller decentralised energy systems.

High Technology Costs need to drop in order grow the energy sector
The benefits of using digital technology are spread across the vertical supply chain, but the costs and benefits are often disjointed and investment in technology is mainly deployed tactically in a low-risk environment while it is should be the reverse strategy. Often these digital cycles can change throughout the course of the implementation and political and regulatory agendas change quicker than the delivery cycles which often impact delivery. Keep up with the technology to help quicker, easier implementation – let’s learn from others who have been pioneering this for a while.
Innovation hub – don’t miss the opportunity to see and experience some of the best innovations from the one man show to the largest technology advanced organisations in the world.  Be there to keep ahead of the revolution!

Three new Pillars driving the energy revolution
Three drivers that are taking the utility sector to a new era are decarbonization, decentralisation and digitalisation. Pivoting in those three pillars, everything is changing: customers’ needs and expectations, competitors’ landscape, governmental regulations, and emerging technologies. Other innovative technologies of the past couple of years that can make a breakthrough here are energy storage, ICT-based management systems and the full penetration of mobile payment systems.

We need to build the right foundations for the new Energy Revolution Africa of energy 
To pave the way for a safe and effective energy transition, we need to take a coherent and balanced approach to energy market design, the role of transmission and distribution network operators, system network codes and operational rules, a coherent and well-designed system of tariffs and charges, and the value of the security of supply and the quality of the energy service.


Discounted accommodation rates

Spintelligent have partnered with iccommodate to provide a full and efficient Accommodation and Tourism Service to African Utility Week delegates.

For 2017 bookings have been made easy with a live online booking system directly from the conference website which will be active from January 2017. Discounted rates have been contracted and negotiated by iccommodate specifically for the event and are available exclusively through the booking system.