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This is your resource and knowledge centre for African utility and infrastructure market information. We provide white papers and how to's on your biggest challenges and all you need to know about this ever changing market. For more information, knowledge and case studies, visit African Utility Week in Cape Town from 16 - 18 May 2017.

West Africa Clean Energy Corridor Action Agenda

With a population of over 300 million and a fast economic growth witnessed over the past decade (4.84% per annum on average over the 2005-2015 period ), West Africa’s power needs are rapidly increasing. Download white paper»

From Protecting Your Assets To Powering Cities TOGETHER IT’S POSSIBLE

Work with us to find lubrication solutions for your power generation or transmission business. Whether you operate turbines, transformers or stationary engines in the distribution and transmission business, lubricants can make a significant difference to your total cost of equipment ownership. Our partners work with us to increase their productivity and reliability, and reduce their maintenance costs, in some cases by up to 30%. Download whitepaper>>

Unlocking Efficient, Reliable Power

Globally, the demand for power is increasing, driven by a growing population, mass urbanisation, and rapid industrialisation of nations like China and India. The consequence for those in the business of power generation, transmission and distribution is a need to achieve greater productivity and reliability, in a challenging climate of stricter environmental targets, severe penalties for supply interruptions, tighter budgets and tougher operating conditions.  Download whitepaper>>

 Fatigue Assessment of a Boiler Steam Drum Introduction

This work addresses fatigue assessment of a 200MW boiler steam drum. It was done in the context of a life extension study to determine if the boiler could be used until 2035. Given the high cost of replacing the steam drum, it is very important to understand its structural integrity. The main concern with regard to drum integrity is widespread fatigue cracking of large nozzle welds or seam welds.  Download whitepaper>>

Design Evaluation Ofa Main Steam spherical Header Using Finite Element Analysis

Babcock was approached by a client who had to replace a main steam piping spherical header due to creep exhaustion of the material (see Figure 1 and Figure 2). This was the result of extended operation at high temperature and pressure, as shown in Table 1. The original design had been done for 100 khr of operation, yet the component was used safely in service for approximately 200 khr. The question naturally arose whether the design could be re-qualified for 200 khr. Download whitepaper>>

Controlling Boiler Swell And Shrink

Steam drum level is one of the major contributors of boiler trips and downtime. Affected by a specific phenomenon (swell and shrink) it is difficult to control the drum level optimally. Studies were conducted to determine the best configuration to control steam drum level and how to optimise it. Download whitepaper>>

The Digital Utilities Inspire and Shape a digital world that reinvents power generation, transmission, distribution, and retail

Ten billion people – that’s the global population projected by 2050. Some experts say the demand for electricity, natural gas, and water will double or triple as billions of people join the digital economy, and the use of energy and water will grow while vehicles and mass transit go electric. One thing is clear – the digital economy needs clean, dependable, and affordable electricity.  Download whitepaper>>

White Paper: 
Assessing IP/MPLS and MPLS-TP for Transport Networks

When selecting technology for next generation Transport Networks, “MPLS” is often referred to as the solution. But which “MPLS” is better suited for this application? Will IP/MPLS do the job, and is it fit for transport? Or is MPLS-TP (Transport Profile) a better fit for transport networks, as its name suggests? What are the commonalities of both? Where do they differ? How do they cooperate? This paper is not a tutorial on IP/MPLS and MPLS-TP, and it is assumed that the reader has some familiarity with the basic technology. Download white paper»

White Paper: Integrating AC and DC power with high quality filtering and superior efficiency

Many organizations are encountering problems with the dual power source structure that has arisen with the growth in critical AC loads. It is expensive and complex to maintain two separate “power chains” (AC & DC). Moreover, the UPSs typically used with AC loads have a high total cost of ownership (TCO) and a relatively short lifetime. Twin Sine Innovation (TSI) is a hybrid solution which integrates the DC and AC power regimes. Within TSI, EPC mode is an innovative, proprietary technology from CE+T Power that provides high quality filtering and a superior efficiency of 96%. Download white paper»

White Paper: Low Power Wide Area Networks Will Revolutionise Utility Management

Utility providers requiring battery-powered wireless meters have traditionally been faced with an uncomfortable trade-off between communication range, battery life and system complexity. An example of a utility most affected by this relationship is the water and waste management sector, where meters are often installed in challenging environments that do not have access to readily available power sources. Download white paper»

White Paper: Cashpower Common Base Split Prepayment Solution

Landis+Gyr has developed an innovative Common Base prepayment electricity metering solution that enables the cost-effective conversion of existing common base (non-split) installations into split prepayment installations, without the need to remove the existing passive base and “ready board” assembly in the household.

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White Paper:
Landis+Gyr Advanced & Smart Metering Catalogue

A single phase whole current, static electricity meter that measures kWh’s on a single rate up to a maximum of 100 Amps. This meter is small in size, has a British Standard terminal layout and is sealed for life. The solid state design ensures that no maintenance is required.

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White Paper: Landis+Gyr Prepayment Metering Catalogue

A single phase, 80 Amp, STS keypad prepayment meter in a compact British Standard (BS) housing suitable for new installation as well as retrofitting of existing electromechanical or electronic watt-hours meters.

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