12 - 14 May 2020
Cape Town, South Africa

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African Sustainable Energy Association (AFSEA)

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Custodian of Renewable Energy on the African Continent. African Sustainable Energy Association (AFSEA) is a body that advocates and actively promotes the implementation of renewable energy solutions across the African continent. Our focus cuts across the sustainable energy spectrum and its maximum utilisation: Wind, Solar, Biomass, Bio Fuels, Green Products, Energy Efficiency, Alternative Energy, Energy from Waste, Fuel Cell Technologies etc. Our mission is to propagate knowledge dissemination onto the African market. Our platform constantly unearths better and improved ideas that smoothens and expedites the implementation of various renewable energy initiatives across the African plateau by both local companies and other key global energy players, this is successfully carried out via our industry events, forums, conferences, newsletters and publications. These create a networking platform for companies across the World. Our objective is to provide access to information that can affect today's clean energy industries as much as tomorrow's world. Our stakeholders include research institutes, developers, contractors, consultants, suppliers and any members of the public dedicated to building a greener Earth. AFSEA also advises and actively monitors policy formulations, legislative enactments and structuring of governmental blueprints on the green revolution and renewable energy. For more information visit: www.afsea.org
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