12 - 14 May 2020
Cape Town, South Africa

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Site visits

Secure your place for an exclusive Site Visit

Make the most of your experience at African Utility Week and POWERGEN Africa with an additional site visit on 17 May.

In addition to the conference and exhibition we organise site visits which add a third dimension to the event and allow delegates to visit projects in Cape Town. These site visits take place on Friday 17 May and are limited to 15-25 people each. Register here to secure your place.

All site visits leave from and return to the CTICC. Individual itineraries will be sent once selection is made but please note that all these site visits are FULL DAY tours and will depart from 08:30 and return after 16:00. 

ENERGY EFFICIENCY SITE VISIT - Floating Solar PV Project + Silo Solar on Lourensford Wine Estate

ENERGY EFFICIENCY SITE VISIT - Floating Solar PV Project + Silo Solar on Lourensford Wine Estate


Morning - Floating Solar PV Project 
Delegates will view the dual benefit of producing power whilst reducing evaporation and preserving land for other commercial use.   

By covering a significant surface area on a body of water, the system conserves water by reducing evaporation, while the shading from its panels limits algae growth. The system presents no risks or dangers to wildlife and surrounding habitats when implemented. Furthermore, the natural cooling effect provided by the water allows the PV panels to operate more efficiently and produce more power than traditional ground-mounted systems. 

Early afternoon - Silo Solar on Lourensford Wine Estate  
The historic Lourensford vineyard in Somerset West, was one of the first commercial farms in South Africa to invest in renewable energy. The initial project saw the installation of a 686kWp solar photovoltaic (PV) plant on the roof of the winery and the pack shed, which generates an average of 2800kWh daily, enough to run the winery and feed surplus energy to the internal grid supplying the rest of the estate. Following the success of the initial project, the estate has added additional rooftop and ground-mounted PV plants, and installed a 95kWh Tesla Powerpack System in 2017 to test battery energy storage and microgrid operation at the site. 

WATER SITE VISIT - Fisantekraal Waste Water Treatment Plant + Softbev Quality Beverages Bottling Company

WATER SITE VISIT - Fisantekraal Waste Water Treatment Plant + Softbev Quality Beverages Bottling Company


Morning - Fisantekraal Waste Water Treatment Plant
The waste water treatment plant undertaken by the City of Cape Town features the most innovative and up-to-date electrical, control and instrumentation technology. Attending delegates will view the advanced biological reactor works with automated inlet screening and degritters, surface aerated biological reactors, secondary settling tanks, sludge dewatering system (linear screens and belt presses) and final effluent disinfection system. 

Early afternoon - Softbev Quality Beverages Bottling Company 
Delegates will see the bottling plant and the water saving projects that were implemented that helped reduce the plants waste water by over 60%, saving over 50 million litres of municipal water since January 2017. In addition, delegates will view the plants alternative water supply project that has been initiated to reduce their dependence on the municipal water supply by installing boreholes and reverse osmosis plant 

WATER SITE VISIT - Franschhoek Water Hub + Bellville Waste Water Plant

WATER SITE VISIT - Franschhoek Water Hub + Bellville Waste Water Plant


Morning - Franschhoek Water Hub 
The Franschhoek Water Hub is an exciting new project that will inspire a new generation of leaders in water management in the context of rapid urbanisation and limited financial resources. 
While there are other similar projects around the globe, it will be the first of its kind to demonstrate state-of-the-art techniques and technologies suitable for the African context. Billed to be a centre of knowledge and learning, the Franschhoek Water Hub will connect multiple elements of the urban and regional water cycle and will explore new options for the treatment of contaminated water, including the use of natural systems and bioprocesses

Early afternoon - Bellville Waste Water Plant  
Bellville plant feature’s the largest membrane bioreactor (MBR) in South Africa and the facility’s capacity will increase by 20 Ml/d to 70 Ml/d. Attending delegates will view how the plant supply a new sludge dewatering facility, as well as upgrade the existing electrical and control systems infrastructure at the Bellville WWTW

ENERGY SITE VISIT - Koeberg Nuclear Plant + N1 City with Waste Transformers Waste to Energy Plant

ENERGY SITE VISIT - Koeberg Nuclear Plant + N1 City with Waste Transformers Waste to Energy Plant


Morning - Koeberg Nuclear Plant

Nuclear energy currently provides approximately 11% of the world’s electricity and through Koeberg Nuclear Power Station near Cape Town it powers most of the Western Region and supplies approximately 4.4% of South Africa’s total electricity needs. 

On this exclusive site visit delegates will get to see the Emergency Core Cooling System, the Turbine hall, CRF/SEC pump house and the low level waste. This site visit will end with lunch at a wine farm. 

Early afternoon - N1 City with Waste Transformers Waste to Energy Plant 
Growthpoint Properties have embarked on an exciting partnership with a Dutch green technology provider Waste Transformers by installing an on-site, anaerobic digester at its N1 City Mall property in Cape Town, which uses organic waste to produce green electricity, hot water and fertiliser. 

Attending delegates will be showcased with how the current capacity of this Waste Transformers installation is about 6kVA per day, which provides electricity to between 10 and 11 small line shops in the mall. 

ENERGY SITE VISIT - Robben Island Solar installation

ENERGY SITE VISIT - Robben Island Solar installation


Morning - Robben Island Solar installation

SOLA Future Energy has succeeded in designing and constructing a solar energy microgrid for Robben Island.  The system, situated on the World Heritage Site, consists of a solar PV farm, combined with a lithium-ion battery storage facility and smart controllers to ensure a seamless electricity supply, whilst significantly reducing the island’s fossil fuel consumption.
Robben Island has an energy usage profile that comprises residential needs, desalination, harbour and offices; in total, the island uses almost 2M kWh of electricity annually. Commissioned by the Department of Tourism, the solar PV project will produce almost 1M kWh of electricity annually, significantly reducing costs of buying diesel and transporting it to the island.  The island is also embarking on a drive to reduce its own electrical consumption.  

The microgrid consists of three power production elements. The solar PV farm consists of 1960 mono-crystalline modules with a total of 666.4 kW power supply. The battery bank, consisting of 2420 lithium-ion battery cells, is able to store 837 kWh and output a maximum of 500 kVA.  The third power production element is the diesel generators, which are used when no solar or battery storage is available. Multiple controllers between these power production elements balances the power supply and creates a smart microgrid, ensuring a seamless supply of power.

In addition tour delegates will also get to visit all the historical sites around the Island. The tour guides inside the prison are former political prisoners and are fully conversant and knowledgeable about the Island’s multi-layered 500 year old history. The tour route includes the graveyard of people who died from leprosy, the Lime Quarry, Robert Sobukwe’s house, the Bluestone quarry, the army and navy bunkers and the Maximum Security Prison where thousands of South Africa’s freedom fighters were incarcerated for years. The tour culminates with a viewing of Nelson Mandela’s cell.

Delegates will have lunch at the V&A Waterfront when returning from Robben Island. 

Important Information:

  1. Detailed itineraries will be sent once selection has been made with final departure and return times per site visit 
  2. Please ensure if you book a flight out of Cape Town on Friday 17 May it is no earlier than 20:00. 
  3. All site visits include the following: 

    - Tea/coffee and muffin at registration 
    - Refreshments on the bus 
    - Light lunch with refreshments 
    - All transport to and from the CTICC 
    - Site visit pack 
    - Expert led tours at the sites 

For more information on booking for the site visit please contact the event manager for the site visits, Yolisa Nyoka, yolisa.nyoka@spintelligent.com or register here

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